Buyer FAQs

For most, buying a property — whether it’s an investment or a home — isn’t as simple as buying a pair of shoes. Below are frequently asked questions I get from buyers:

Do I really need to be pre-approved before starting my search?»

YES. Do the legwork before you start your search and you’ll save yourself time & heartache by narrowing down what you can TRULY afford.

I really LOVE this home! What should I offer?»

If we’re in a sellers’ market and you want the property, put in a strong offer.

What dictates a strong offer?»

There are many moving parts to an offer:

  • Purchase Price
  • Down Payment
  • Appraisal Contingency
  • Inspection Contingency
  • Closing Date

The easier you make it for a seller to sell their property, the stronger your offer.

As my agent, what/when do I have to pay you?»

Nothing. Buyers’ agents — unless they require you to sign an exclusive with them — typically get paid by the seller, at the time of closing.

Should I work with more than one agent?»

We all interview service professionals in the beginning, but at some point,  you’re going to realize you’ll get the most efficient service if you form a relationship with one agent over time. That person should know to keep an eye on things within your pre-approved budget, and will come to understand what you DO and don’t like in a home.

Do you have recommendations for lenders, inspectors, attorneys, etc?»

Yep! You let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll point you in the direction of local choices with great reputations.