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Megan Gulick

Megan Gülick grew up in the heart of Texas; but as soon as she found a hole in the fence, she slipped through and, ultimately, got as far as Jersey City. Her road there wasn't a bee-line by any means, and the characters she met along the way inspired a painting or three, with some of the resemblances being (unfortunately) uncanny.

Way back when, as a student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she spent a year in Amsterdam at the Gerrit Reitveld Academie, studying in the "Vrij Media" Department under Henk de Vroom. Eventually she was back in Chicago with big, big plans. Pretty quickly, she realized that a little elbow room never hurt anyone, and getting sick of anthrax scares in the CTA, she moved back to Texas to settle down as a graphic designer. There, the skies at night were big and bright, the WalMart greeters were smiling, the slow-smoked BBQ was tender and beer was always ice cold. Still, something was missing. So, naturally, she fled to Canada. With a stable career designing drugstore inserts, and a new puppy, Megan thought she'd fulfilled her destiny. But life is funny that way...

One night she bumped into a bona fide philosopher—and fellow ex-pat—whose charms were awfully hard to resist. She made him marry her. He took a job in Jersey and coaxed her back down to the states, using circular logic and puppy dog eyes.

So, here's Megan today, perfecting her Jersey Girl accent, painting 7 days a week, drinking mid-range scotch and taking diligent notes for efficient subway routes.


BFA Show, G2 Gallery; Chicago, IL, May 2002

36 Hour Show, FWCAC; Fort Worth, TX, May 2003

Dias de los Muertos, Ice House Gallery; Dallas, TX, October 2003

Fort Worth Jazz Festival, Fort Worth, TX, September 2003 & 2004

Labour of Love, Publication; Toronto, ON, May 2005

Cheesecake Exhibition-ISM, Commerce Art Gallery; Wichita, KS, May 2006

Artists' Space Benefit, New York City, November 2007

Small Wonders, LITM, Jersey City, December 2007

Crass Menagerie (solo show), LITM, Jersey City, May 2008